Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Time for priorities

I am developing a theory;

Time in the linear sense--I mean in terms of our everyday lives and our calendars-- and the conflicts with it is really a test of priorities. We could go even further to say that it is a test of intention as well. Over 2 years ago I started on this quest to solve my time issues. How I was going to solve these issues was in the same sense as trying to learn how to fly to China in an hour (figure of speech and I live in the US...get what I'm saying?) So my life continued to get tighter and on the calendar and I continued to expect myself to do everything perfectly and in a time frame that cramped my perfectionistic style even more. Well, I'm here to tell you that this method is not working for me; nor does it seem to work for everyone else that is trying to do the same thing. Now comes the solution (be forewarned that this a work in progress and takes some skill for those of us who are not natural at it) take priority (set intention), let go, and surrender to the pose (life) while maintaining the pose (life) with all of its current imperfections and realize that anything else dropped on the wayside may not need to get picked back up.

So what happens for those of us that are claiming equal priorities in all areas of life? First we as humans at a very physical sense are meant to only do one thing at one time so having things of equal priority in life in the raw sense may not be possible, nor can we truly be multitaskers no matter how good we are at taking out the trash while washing the dishes and feeding the kids and making doctor appointments (believe me if there was a possibility of mutlitasking I've tried it) all at the same time. The end result often times makes the day look like we were getting alot of things accomplished and in reality the tasks left us possibly unfinished in anyone or all areas and tired. Bottom line, our heads may have us believing that life tasks can have equal priority and in reality it is not possible.

Another way at looking at this is from the business planning and project management perspectives. Plans/projects are based on 3 factors; time, physical resources, and money. If we define 2 of these factors, then the final factor must be the variable to balance the plan or else, guess fails. For those of us who tend to want to define all three factors, its no wonder that we continue to run the hamster wheel and not get anywhere.

May we all take this moment to define our priorities, accept and surrender in our poses (lives)