Friday, November 7, 2008

Time continued.......

So it appears that time has gotten away from me! Seriously, this study has kept my interest with or without the blogs. This summer I took a sabbitical. This was a chance for me and my family to just let go of the expectations we had around time and just go with what we felt. OK I have to admit my husband does this anyhow. It was me. I decided to let go of things in my life that I felt "took" up my time or "wasted" time. This included the computer. It was glorious! The big underlying piece was the greatest secret that we all know especially as mothers and even as working mothers, but we dont bring this vital piece of logic to our lives. I granted myself to let go of the expectations and more importantly the beliefs that encompassed my life like a barb wired fence.
To grant oneself the ability to let something go not by desparation but by intentional and conscious choice is such a liberating act of kindness and acceptance of ourselves. It truly is the greatest gift that one can give to his or herself. We know our own barb wired fences in the form of the "shoulds" the "got to's" the "cant go to bed without doings" and the "I have to or else's". When these phrases come up the consequence is usually de-motivation, anxiety, fatigue, and resentment....not to mention the next day hang over of feeling like the time just got smaller, that there is no time for alone time, and possibly, if the needs get bad enough, a transfer of feelings onto the kids and husband.....all because in our own belief systems we decided that this is how we are supposed to live; if we don't we may falter on the super-human contribution scale. Wow! How many times do each one of us need to read a related article on this very same thing and still have to learn this the hard way?
My epiphany came when I realized that the house still is in tack, the kids are ok and I didnt melt from not accomplishing as much as my to do list intended. My consequence was more time with my kids and husband, a chance to spend time with friends, enjoy my deck, and find time to workout for endurance and high impact athletics while not changing a thing about my work schedule or my family schedule. So my challenge to all of you who want the same and yet get overwhelmed with the idea of another committment......dont fact un-committment and make these daily simple choices.

1. What is the one thing that you are going to let go of today.
2. What is the number one thing on the list for yourself today? (Mine bounces back and forth between sleep and working out or my yoga practice or bath or reading). Remember, taking care of yourself first allows you to take care of others.
3. Say this affirmation daily: "there is always time"
4. the car....rushing to dance practice.....while the sibling is crying because... well for no good reason......and let it go with each exhalation all the while you hear the relaxing sounds of kids bop in the back ground. :o)