Sunday, March 8, 2009

Time to be inspired

Have you ever woke up one day and realized that the person you have sitting in your head is not the one living in your body? I have just recently. It actually started when I was invited to join some friends from work for a 1/2 marathon in April. Being a groomed athlete since a ripe age of 9 years old, I always have considered myself that, and yet something happened along the way. I put priorities on other areas of my life, looking at this chapter as place I will get back to someday. When I have more time was the excuse. When this came up, my first response in my head was, maybe someday, but not now. Then I woke up and said yes. Shortly thereafter, I received a source of inspiration; a subtle reminder of my old ways... and bam! All of a sudden I have plenty of time to train for this event.

The morale of this story is two fold.

One, as adults we get stuck in our heads. Our stories, our self reflections in our minds often do not balance with our outside physical nature because we lose consciousness to that part of the world. We just either do not put enough time in that department or we just tell ourselves it is not necessary, or the millions of other excuses that may come up along the way. Unfortunately, for many it takes a life-threatening circumstance to bring ourselves back into the physical plane. For the rest of us it takes a wave of opportunity and a willingness to accept it to bring us back. The key is maintaining an open door for such things to happen. Setting time aside for physical action whether it is for exercise or crafts of some kind is not a luxury, it is a necessity. It defines who we are in our heads. If we live what we think and think what we live, neither side of the metaphysical body has to work as hard to maintain. By doing so, we also acquire the balance necessary to live more freely. That relieves more time for my living.

The second part is that related to time. I find it so fascinating that when an action comes from a place of inspiration, there is always time. On the flip side, coming from a source of inspiration often means that the actions take less time to accomplish. When actions come from the heart as it does with inspiration, the results are compounded so many times over. It's as if we just put a new high efficiency fuel in our cars and started driving versus the bottom of the barrel quality. We get more miles out of the high efficiency fuel; not to mention its better and safer on the engines allowing for a longer lasting vehicles.

What areas have you awakened to lately?

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